Traffic Jam

Warning: Please excuse the liberal use of soft curse words in the short below. The subject matter is usually an inspiration for a colorful vocabulary from my end. “You A$$HOLE”, Rohini cursed out loud at the offending car in front of her, as her own car swerved dangerously close to the edge of the flyover….

The Comeback

A story created for a Writing Prompt – “I am so hot”. Let me know how you liked it?

More than Fiction

It was not what I expected. Nothing like the movies. But the feelings were there.Overwhelming. Intense. Just so much More.This excited heartbeat of first love, I had never felt before. It was not what I expected.Nothing like the movies. No dancing in ballgowns, no kissing silhouettes across the sunset,But there were hugs, laughs, prayers to…

Guilt of a Non-Cuddler

Thump! A heavy log/hand/leg made a landing across my bloated biryani-filled stomach making its weight known. Pushing down the monstrosity to ensure my bloated tummy pops right up and gets the air it requires to expand, I groan and turn to my side, secretly praying my loving beau does not demonstrate his true “in-deepest-of-sleep” love…

Blank Page

A soulful ballad that resonates only while dealing with hung spreadsheets and long workweeks

Slaying Ravana

Foreword:  In Hindu mythology, Ram is sometimes considered to be a symbol for “the ideal man”. And Ramayan supposedly, the fight of idealism against the evils of the world often metaphorized by Ravan’s 10 heads. Taking Ramayan in today’s context, I have attempted to put forth a personal struggle of my own idealism against what…

The Revival

A short story about hope.
Writing prompt: A meal that changed someone’s life.

Nostalgia In the First Meeting

I had never fully appreciated the mythical power of books – their intense gravity luring you into their world. Over the years, all the great books we ever consumed led to an oddly nostalgic trip of a first visit to a new country. I got a chance to visit UK a couple of years back….


This post is coming very late in the day, but April 2017 bought forth the discovery of a brilliant Indian specialty store completely dedicated to arts and crafts (already appreciated during my previous post). One of the few places in the city where you are allowed to get lost in your own world – it…