Lost Luggage: A Picture Book

A long long time ago

I can still remember how

An IVR used to make me cry…

And I knew if I had my chance

That I would hang those people dry

And maybe I’d be happy for a while…

Why is airline losing luggage a routine incident? I mean, they have 1 job! – transport us and our belongings from point A to point B. 

Aaah! The horror of being stranded in a foreign land without your belongings – and with a terrible airline..  The below picture book was born out of a traumatic 20 day separation (on a 25 day work- trip) between me and my bags cross continents with a compensation for $120 (Courtesy: The wonderful Etihad Airways). The days when I would jump at the slightest phone ping, hoping and hoping its the airlines calling me with an update..

Also, let me re-iterate. There was a ‘Chicago Etihad Baggage Claim Services‘ phone number – which no one ever picked or returned calls on. As in, how much more specialized can these guys get? How much work load did that phone have? How many bags did they lose on a daily basis?

Documenting an old wound – when frustration had a pictorial outlet.

Featuring: Etihad Airways

9 days after arrival: May 6th 20141

9 days and a couple of hours later..

9 days post arrival and another 12 hours later3

10 days post arrival4

10 days and a few hours later…5

Over 11 days post arrival.. the IVR tune is stuck in my head..6

Over 11 days and total loss of time & sense later..7

Over 11 days and a little too-many frustration donuts later..8

Over 12 days after arrival and being surrounded by darkness later..9

The day when creativity died..

End note: My luggage was finally delivered after 20 days (in a 25 day trip) and was found at Mumbai airport AFTER my mom went to the airport herself in mumbai to check on it.

For the verbose version of the full story, click:


I mean, seriously!

Etihad - Hey Guys! Lost Luggage

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