The Very First Cake – Angry Birds

Oct 10, 2012 – Hyderabad:

The very first ‘proper birthday cake’ which was successful! The base cake was 2 layers of this absolutely fabulous, fairly healthy and quite easy recipe.

(Thanks to this cake, the below recipe is pure veg)

The base was topped that with butter cream icing – Simple cocoa, icing sugar and amul butter whisked together. Despite the October heat in Hyderabad and the poor refrigeration capabilities offered by our tiny shared fridge, the icing stayed on well and was monginis-ily delicious.

My 25+ something roommate and best friend was then into angry birds (or maybe I was), so the birds adorned the cake. Add a surprise midnight raid by the office gang (because Hyderabad),
and my cake was over before sunrise.

Base Layer:
Simple 2 layer base – I actually forgot to add sugar in one of the base cakes, but thanks to the super indulgent cream, the sweetness was perfect. It was then topped by the chocolate sprinkles (Do not recall where I got the sprinkles from in 2012 – but now they are available in bigger supermarkets and amazon)

The fence was made out of broken chocolate sticks (I believe by Almy)

Base Farm

The birds were created out of simple rolled marshmallow fondant. And as much as I despise the fondant taste, they model well (but more on fondants later). Marshmallow fondants are messy to make, but you need to pour in enough sugar to dry them completely. Once knead properly, creating the birds was a simple exercise of playing with clay (dough)

Mixing colors in fondant is easier before kneading – but for multiple colors, you can do it later. There are plenty of online tutorials for mixing fondant colors.

The colors used to mix in the fondant were the typical liquid colors we get at the local grocery store.(bluebird). Needless to say, my birds were pale through and not-so-angry. I then directly brushed some color on the fondant birds (and hence the messy and leaky birds in the picture below). Wilton colors if mixed in higher quantity give much darker results, but they are still so expensive.

Angry Birds Cooling off

However, the end result was as above. The birthday plaque was created out of left over fondant (base) and butter cream icing (words) and propped on larger pieces of the same broken chocolate sticks which made the fence.

Light the candles!



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