Bye Bye Ms. American Pie!

It is funny to start this section with such a typical american pop song when there is a whole ground of good & bad home music to cover… but this is 1 revelation I can’t let go of.

Not a big-lyrics person, I stumbled upon a (with lyrics) video of this song on you tube and was struck by its sheer length.. it went on and on.. something which i hummed almost without second thoughts was whole 8 mins 36 secs long.  Apparently, it’s still the longest song ever to top the charts. Funnily, none of the lyrics made sense..just words running one after another.

Further googling validated my confusion when ‘What do the lyrics for American pie mean’ turned out to be a frequently asked question. Don McLean himself was quoted saying ‘It means I never have to work a day in my life again’. And it is possibly true.

But now that the lyrics have a reference, it is just chilling. I could not get it out of my head. Potentially, the most noble way of honoring ANYONE!

Including a small excerpt from the original site. Indulge only when you have sufficient time.


A long long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile.
McLean’s favorite music was that of the 50’s, which could be a long long time ago by 1969. (Esp. more so with the turmoil in the 60s).

And I knew if I had my chance, that I could make those people dance, and maybe they’d be happy for a while
In the 50’s, the major purpose of music was for dancing (sock hops). He wanted to play rock & roll so people could have a good time.

But February made me shiver
Buddy Holly died on February 3, 1959 in a plane crash in Iowa. He was McLean’s hero.

With every paper I’d deliver

Donny boy’s only other job besides songwriting was a paper boy.

Bad news on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step
This story was obviously on the front page and made McLean freeze in his tracks.

I can’t remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride
Holly’s wife was pregnant when the accident occurred and soon after had a miscarriage.

But something touched me deep inside the day the music died.
The crash took the lives of three current rock legends: Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, so now Feb. 3, 1959 is called “The day the music died.” The music that died is considered..

Read more here.

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