The Cake Journey

Years 2013-2015 brought a series of experimental cakes at the cost of my poor friends, family and then office colleagues. Some efforts were ambitious, some plain, some absolute disasters, some mini messed up – but almost ALL of them now with some awesome memories…

Cataloging the journey and the lessons learnt:

Pure Vanilla Cake, Oct 2012 – This immediately succeeded the angry birds cake and was my first attempt at a pure vanilla cake.


The ingredients are easily available in India, and the cake turns out to be light and fluffy for our weather.

The sprinkles and the butter cream were left overs from the angry birds cake.

2012-10-14-22-50-37Pure Vanilla Cup-cakes

Simple Black Forest, Jun 2013:

I had a man in my life. Albeit one without a sweet tooth :(. After pondering for days on whether to hold the lack of sweet tooth against him, I finally gave in – and was newly engaged by Jun 2013.

The first cake I ever baked for the fiancée, a simple black forest. (since it is not too sweet). Plain chocolate cake topped by bluebird instant whipped cream.

It was received well-sort of. But the reception and the revenge deserves a separate post altogether.

Blackforest - 20130605.gifBlack-forest – Chocolate Cake, Bluebird Instant Whipped Cream and Candied Cherries


Creepy Crawly Cupcakes: Jun 2013

When you have weird friends, there is always scope for creativity. The naughtiest of my friends had just moved to town to have her dear friend drop by with this birthday wish at midnight. (I think her husband still judges me). But the saying ‘Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up – Optional’ has never been more true than when I am with her.

2013-06-13-23-15-45Creepy Cupcakes – Marshmallow Fondant and Wilton food colors

The Brealy Myers Cake, Jun 2013: Wrapping up what was clearly a Bake-Fest, Jun 2013, this one has extra super memories. The best friend was in town for a week. Hyderabad was in it’s prime – weather wise – with light showers all week making it absolutely pleasant!

An office party was ditched for  cool breeze in balcony, a few friends and gossip. Capped by the birthday cake.

The super pleasant weather also introduced me to one of the most irritating problems of fancy cakes – fondant sweating. Considering I later moved back to Mumbai with equal moisture content minus the pleasant weather, this lesson was important – Be less ambitious and use colors judiciously.

This was my first attempt at a fondant covered cake. The white and green fondant was mixed together with the hope of creating a pattern. Lesson learnt. Take 2 distinct colors in EQUAL quantity and twist them well for a good pattern.


Spot the Brealey Myers.

Chocolate Mint Cake, Aug 2013:

A simple chocolate cake with a mix of mint chocolate chips sprinkled pre-bake and frosted with the bluebird whipping cream. One half is topped with an Oreo crunch.

One of the more decent attempts for the granddad. The mint chips have a slightly strong flavor which may not be liked by all – so use with caution.

For the mint chocolate chips, we are yet to get the Hershey’s’ chips pack, & I am yet to find it in our gourmet stores. Had gotten this packet from the US.

camera360_2014_8_3_125258Choco-chip mint cake for the granddad for his 87th birthday

Chocolate Milestone, Nov 2013:

My wedding was due in 13 days. I had my post wedding apartment in hand. And nothing else there.

The very first thing ever cooked made in my kitchen (of a house without a stove or refrigerator) was this birthday cake for my marathon-running, super-athletic, annoyingly-thinner-than-me-despite-ALWAYS-eating-more best friend.

All I had was a willing helper (now the said friend’s husband), a working AC and lots of sugar.

  • A 2-layered cake with a square base and a small round cake on top, this was my 2nd attempt at a fondant cover
  • Sheer laziness and lack of foresight made me attempt covering 2 these separate sizes of cake with the same fondant resulting in folds.But covering each cake one at a time and placing on top of each other would have given this a clean look.
  • That bottle of pepsi in the corner was used to sprinkle on top of plain chocolate cake (before icing). I love the soda moisture in a light cake!

Triple Layered Black Forest, Jan 2014:

Married to a black-forest loving family, this was for the dentist in the family. A triple layered chocolate cake, with instant whipped cream and candied cherries between each layer.

A mosiac finish using  roughly broken plain dairy milk pieces and pressed into the whipped cream icing.

Triple Layered Black Forest with Chocolate Mosaic & a toothy wish

Plain Mango Cake, Jun 2015:

It was over 1.5 years since the wedding, the husband was old by now and rain was yet to come. Post the summer heat, any heavy cake with icing was out of question. All I  wanted was a popsicle or just plain ice.

However, the mango craze was not just over yet. After looking through a few recipes online and lacking confidence to see them through, I went back to an old favorite – the eggless date cake. (also the hero of my angry birds cake)

I just substituted the milk and dates mixture with equal quantity of the Alphonso mango pulp. The absence of butter ensured the taste of mango was prominent and the oil made the cake soft and fluffy.

With the mango season culminating, this was the perfect birthday cake for June. Sprinkled with light icing sugar on top, on the 3rd birthday since we met – we were finally boring.

Simple Mango Cake for Husband, year III

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