Old Quirks

Familiarity is a funny thing. It allows me to meet my old friends after 10 years with limited interim contact & pick up a conversation right where we last left, allows me to navigate my entire house in the middle of the night in pitch dark for a water bottle and do this with my limbs each time I hear the song.

When I discovered Adobe Sketch, it was 2 full of days doodling, playing around with the brushes and marveling at the bold colors (possibly a result of a new ipad’s fresh screen)

To stop the endless aimless doodling, I went back to an old favorite as a target end result.

The picture below is a recollection from one of the old Camel oil pastels boxes. I  have doodled this picture so often each time I have access to a pen and a scrap of paper, I just may be able to do it blindfolded. <Note to Self: TRI IT BLINDFOLDED, though on paper first>

While Adobe sketch leaves a lot more to be desired, I love how truly ‘crayony’ the final effect is… A trip down the memory lane and re-acclamation tool all in one!


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