If Albus Dumbledore said it, it must be true!

Very rarely though, do we get to experience this magic first hand. I have heard the song below in its movie, but there is something about this live version. Starting with an almost nonchalant approach to a heart wrenching plea, this is magic in its rawest form.

I have also been fairly hooked to the video below – seeing great artists in their element, playing off each other and truly enjoying their craft is a rare rare treat!

The final installment in this group is a more contemporary band. The lead singer and the violin did it for me! Absolutely haunting!

The link will probably not allow you to play on the blog – but it is worth the extra click to youtube to listen. If you like the song below, check out their Khwaja version as well.

It is performances like these which make quotes like these true:


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