Prints, Patterns & Poking at a Screen

Colors! Brush Strokes! Smudging! Seriously, poking, tapping & stroking a screen has never been more engaging.. or addictive.

Terrible at adopting newer technologies historically, I have always appreciated the convenience they bring. I love a Kindle with its light cover over actual books. Can carry out entire philosophical conversations on Watsapp rather than on phone. Or god-forbid in person – but maybe that is just me. (I did prefer Watsapp prior to the blue ticks though)

Similarly , I am absolutely a big fan of online sketching.. Bring in a stylus and it gives you the exact ‘paper’ feel without messy fingers, stains on furniture and elaborate clean up requirements! Crayons, Water colors, canvas, oils – all bundled into a neat package. Bring in the ability of white erasing, layering and no shortage of colors or canvas (except storage), it gets quite overwhelming!

Armed with my Utopian doodling situation, for the first time, I was started on a blank canvas with absolutely no plans.. No reference drawings, no previous googling.. just dotting and tapping the blank screen.

Some pattern results below:



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