Indian ‘Cake’ – Gajar Halwa & Vanilla Ice cream

January, 2016: Mumbai winters are supposed to be a myth.  And maybe they are.. nevertheless, there is a slight cool breeze in the air, ceiling fans are not necessarily a must 24*7 and our air-conditioners get some time off..  It is also the season of delicious long sweet carrots! The only time I get excited […]


Freehand Doodles

Edits by layers, permission to duplicate, vibrant colors – symmetric/semi symmetric freehand doodles are easier and prettier than ever! A few attempts below:

Breaking Habits

Among the multitude of random photos we see each day on the internet, there are some that make me stop and wow. Below is one such image.
As a friend had rightly commented – this image takes on things we assume and literally turns it around its head!