Diachotomy of a Whippy Cream

Whipped cream in India is a strange concept.  Personally, on most days, I would prefer fresh light whipped cream in the Indian heat over the super indulgent butter cream. However, the same hot weather makes it is stupendous-ly difficult to stabilize fresh cream to give us a good stable solid whipped cream.

After hours of torturing my tiny hand-mixer and ending up with puddles of white liquid foam on my cakes, I have finally given up trying to create whipped cream out of fresh cream.

The easily available ‘Amul Fresh Cream‘ at maximum 25% saturation does not help. However, I tried the more expensive whipping creams or the new Amul 30% whipping cream, but always end up with same sloppy mass within 30 mins of room temperature.

I have now come to the rueful conclusion that my fight with fresh cream is not so much with the lower fat content (Amul @ 25%) but the overall higher Indian temperatures. I now stick to the instant bluebird whipping cream for easy frosting – that too for cakes which i am going to preferably cut in my house close to the refrigerator.

If anyone has ANY workable tips around whipped cream frosting (gelatin, no gelatin, freezing utensils, blades, put-my-whole-self-inside-the-freezer-for-30-mins before whipping – literally anything that works), do share.

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  1. tanya2austin says:

    I stabilize my whipped cream with a cooked slurry of cornstarch and powdered sugar. Not sure if it’ll stand up to too much heat, but it’s pretty sturdy! Recipe here: https://itsallfrosting.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/red-bean-cream-puffs/


    1. Never really tried cornstarch. Thanks, will give it a go soon & let you know!


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