The Sweet Revenge Cake

Jun 2013, Hyderabad:
Newly engaged, a much more naive me had baked a birthday cake for my “non-dessert-appreciative carnivorous” fiancee for the very first time.

After the customary appreciative-song-&-dance later, the carnivore in my life casually mentions, ‘you know, the cake was really great – but next year can you cook something in chicken?!’

I firmly believe in having cake. And on birthdays – its mandatory. So navigating the newly required art of marital compromise, a year down the lane, my new husband got chicken for his birthday, and I got cake.

And my cake catalog got its first 3D-cake – the chicken cake.

Jun 2014, Mumbai:

Not being too ambitious with the core ingredients, I stuck to my faithful chocolate cake go-to recipe with chocolate butter cream icing.

Recipes Referred:
Chocolate cake  – 1 portion
Chocolate butter cream icing – doubled this recipe
Rolled Marshmallow Fondant  – halved this recipe


  • All ingredients for the above recipes
  • 1 semi-circular glass bowl (should be thick enough to withstand oven temperatures
  • 3 or more muffin moulds
  • Toothpicks
  • Any Waffle or Pickwick biscuits (optional)

Since I was not using traditional cake pans by recipe, I went with the complete requirements (2 8-inch pans) while preparing the cake batter.

  • For cake pans, I used a shallow glass bowl and poured the remaining batter into cupcake moulds.
  • Both the glass bowl and the muffin moulds were filled upto a little over 2/3rd of their capacity, since I wanted the cakes to rise above the mould heights.
  • I removed my muffins at around 12 mins of cooking time and continued to bake the base cake

The target was to have at least 1 semi-spherical cake and 3 muffins.

The base cake in the bowl was baked quite smoothly. One of my cakes in the shallow class bowl rose up to a semi crisp semi-circular shape on top. Since it wasnt really burnt, I decided to retain the top as a base to my bird.

Once the cake had cooled down, I sprinked it with some pepsi for moisture (optional) and the rest of the assembly was simpler:

  • 1 muffin was cut horizontally to create a muffin top and the muffin trunk
  • The trunk along with a whole muffin formed the neck of my bird
  • The cut muffin top was further sliced into two and became my wings
  • The final muffin was placed at the end as a puffed-up tail. The muffin trunk at the front ensures the bird’s head is taller than the tail.
  • All the muffins were inserted into the semi-spherical cake using toothpicks

Once the basic bird structure was created, it was time to frost! Using a simple star nozzle, I started frosting from the base of the inserted muffin pieces. Once the base body was covered, I frosted the muffin pieces starting from the top.

Once the frosting was done, I refrigerated the whole cake for at least 2 hours to allow the frosting to set well. Meanwhile one can create marshmallow rolled fondant in desired colors.

I used the fondant to create the comb, wattle, beak and eyes. Going overboard with my left over fondant, I also went ahead to create eggs for my rooster there by giving new-age parenting an unintentional boost.

Sticks of my favorite waffle biscuit, Pickwick were used as hay (and to cover up the cream stains on my base plate!) 🙂

Here is the final product:


End Note: The husband’s appreciative-song-&-dance was quite genuine that year and I like to believe I converted a carnivore into a cake enthusiast at least for the day.

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