1-Word Advice(s) – Part II

Once the giggles around Unagi subsided, I took another stab at creating some ‘1-word posters’ which I identify with.


all the heartbreaks, natural calamities & bad governments (not necessarily in that order)..

slide1‘deep’.  At least that is what my yoga instructor keeps repeating..


Always.. No excuses.. (well, except if a close one is making dumb decisions)

slide3something that is truly yours..

slide5Laziness | Bad -exes | Addictions | Game of Thrones

slide6for at least 15 mins each day .

slide7especially if you are down.

With the amount of caveats I ended up putting in, its a fairly loose (or flexible?) set of advice.

Also note appreciate: none of the images included here are copy-righted or watermarked. That is because, true to my Indian roots, I too am giving ‘free advice’ urf ‘muft ka gyaan‘. (Funnily enough – a philosophy which a consulting job DOES NOT adhere to)

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