Tulip Garden (Patch)

There were a brief couple of days in my past when I nursed a Silsila hangover. I had seen it for the first and only time. There was something so outrageously scandalous about the movie as well as Rekha’s breath-taking beauty, that I was still in the zone.

Inevitably, the mind spend sometime in the wintry foggy tulip gardens. When some brain wires crossed a bit later, I wanted to build a 3D tulip cake. Interestingly, for the very first time EVER, google failed me. I got some tulip cakes, flower baskets, but never the tulip gardens from the movie.

So the attempt below was a blank slate attempt as well.Once again, it was old faithful chocolate cake go-to recipe with chocolate butter cream icing.

Recipes Referred:

Chocolate cake  – 1 portion
Chocolate butter cream icing – 1/4 portion recipe
Rolled Marshmallow Fondant  – halved this recipe
Icing Dough – This was a new recipe I had found online and seemed deceptively simple. There are times when I still cant believe it works! A super quick tutorial coming soon!


  • All ingredients for the above recipes
  • 2 small round cake pans.
  • Toothpicks
  • Colors for the fondant


The base cake was fairly traditional – 2 layers of chocolate cake with butter cream frosting in the middle. Since my main cake pans were small, I am willing to call the cake more of a tulip patch than garden. 😐

It was time to attempt a full fondant covering once again, but this time I did not cover the cake with butter cream frosting since it had become too messy in the past.

The marshmallow fondant was colored a light green and sufficiently dry. The cake covering was fairly smooth & the cake was back in the fridge to chill.

Next came the fun part! – my new icing dough was rolled and I colored it in a few different colors. The quantity for a darker green fondant was slightly higher since I wanted to create the stems and leaves.

I absolutely loved this pre-bought/pre-made fondant recipe, and it is as much fun as playing with clay. The flowers were made in a trial-&-error approach and stuck on a toothpick. Each toothpick was then rolled (top-half) into strips of green fondant pressed to the flower at the base.

The flowers also had about 4-5 hours in the fridge before it was time for a 1.5 hour journey to the birthday party. The cake and the flowers made their journey in separate boxes, but the cake was assembled at the venue without any issue.

The end result was something like below.

And since the family is large enough to never be overwhelmed by a little more cake, there was a simpler 2-D version created simultaneously with additional batter and fondant.

Fish Tank Roses

As you can see, there is some fondant sweating again, but I am yet out of ideas to beat that.

P.S.: Quite some time later, I did find a similar tulip cake online (of course done a lot more not-like-an-amateur)



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