Wild City

One of the best parts of layering while sketching is the ability to go back. Hide a few layers and enjoy the rare pleasures of reflecting back visually. We can go another route and have options to what can be achieved.

A quick look at a few layers from a sketch. A jungle cat standing proud. Cannot help wonder who is exactly crossing the jungle boundaries?

Pata hai bahut saal pehle yahan ek jungle hota tha. ghana bhayanak jungle.
Phir yahan ek shaher ban gaya, saaf suthre makan, seedhe raaste, sab kuch saleeke se hone laga.
Par jis din jungle kata, us din parindo ka ek jhund yahan se hamesha ke liye ud gaya..
kabhi nahi lauta. main un parindo ko dhoond raha hoon, kisi ne dekha hai unhe? dekha hai?

– Rockstar, 2011

PS: I know the Hindi quotes above don’t really apply nor do I believe we shouldn’t have clean straight roads in search of pigeons. But damn it’s poetic. (Also reminding me of an angry seething ranbir kapoor who was possibly at his best in one of the more powerful love stories)

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