Chocolate Mousse Trials

There are a few things sweet that my carnivorous husband and I agree upon. One of them is decadent delicious chocolate mousse. Wanting to try out light velvety soft chocolate mousse, I was drooling over all the pictures that google offered.

However, most of the mousse recipes seemed very different from each other – egg, butter, cream – all seemed to vary in proportions and reason and I was unable to associate them with the smooth velvety creamy treat my taste buds were craving for.

Finally, I hit this exhaustive and historical thesis on chocolate mousse and I was sold! I tried two of the mousses listed there – and have absolutely no variations in the process. Just feedback from a slightly wider sample set. The husband had a poker game going on in the house, which got me some willing tasters.

  1. The first mousse I tried was the classic version – just some egg and chocolate as described. Result – It did not hold too well a shape, but damn it was light and fluffy. As far as my willing tasters went – this was a distant 2nd, but honestly I liked it.
    1. One feedback which did make sense was – this simple version was a big ‘eggy’. We could actually see and taste the whisked egg strands.
    2. In my next attempt, I have 3 changes in mind –
      1. use only egg whites and whisk them into a fine foam,
      2. increase the amount of chocolate (maybe 50 gms to 2 egg whites) and
      3. serve in a cup! NOT a plate 🙂img_20160731_211757
        The slices on the side was a bourbon chocolate cookie crust – made out of grinding 1 small pack of bourbon cream biscuits with a spoonful of butter, packing it and chilling it in the fridge for at least 4 hours
  2. The 2nd mousse I tried was the American one with fresh cream – a recipe by the ingenious and terrifying Gordon Ramsay. There was no change to the recipe and it worked like  charm! This got far far superior reviews than my classy classic egg-chocolate version above and the tiny plate was over before I came back into my kitchen.

    Adding cream

    Gordon Ramsay’s recipe – it contains no egg yolks or butter for a start, although there is a goodly quantity of double cream; 300ml to 100g of chocolate. Bring half the cream to the boil, and stir in the pieces of chocolate before adding the rest of the cream, and transferring the mixture into a bowl set in a large pan of iced water. Once whisked it into soft peaks,  beat one large egg white until stiff, adding 50g caster sugar a tablespoon at a time, until you have a soft meringue which you can fold into the chocolate.

    Literally, the case of the disappearing mousse. In all fairness, there were about 5 boys and just 1 tiny plate. And as the husband decided to point out – if any one of them started eating quickly, the rest of them had no choice. 🙂

Nevertheless, I have a feeling I am going to try this again and again and again (separation issues)


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