Simple way to make 2-D Fondant Characters

Fondant cake toppers are beautiful to look at and more importantly can be made ahead of time, so you always have some room for creativity.

This is a basic method which worked really well for me using the simplest of tools:

What you need:

  1. Rolled fondant – I prefer marshmallow or store-bought*
  2. Gel Colors – Depending on which character do we want. But 1 color in particular is BLACK which serves best as outline!
  3. Home printer
  4. Simple transparency sheets

*For Store-bought fondants, I tried one I got from the US in my last trip ‘Fondarific’ for Pokemon figures described below. It worked really well. Though I don’t see it on Amazon India yet. I know we have some local rolled fondants available at the Arife and such, but not sure how good/expensive it is. Till then, I trust the marshmallow version.


  1. First, get the picture of your required character to print. Ensure the character outlines are really bold. The bolder the outlines, the easier it is for us to model.

    For example: bw-fig

    In case the picture you want does not have a sufficiently bold outline, please see the MS WORD** tips at the end of this post to get a bolder outline for your pictures.

  2. Print the character on a normal paper in mirror format (esp. text). For a recent Pokemon cake, here was my print-out
    Making my bulbasaur(4th) and gengar(2nd) was a lot difficult than Pikachu and that orange dinosaur, simply because of their thinner outlines.

  3. Once you have the pictures printed, place your transparency on the printout. To ensure the transparency and the underlying paper doesn’t move much, just paper-clip it.
  4. Now, you are going to start modelling your fondant on the transparency by letting the picture beneath you guide you.
  5. Now, much like glass-painting, our bottom most layer is going to be seen. So we need to put fondant pieces accordingly.
  6. For a recent cake, I made 5 pokemon faces and 1 name plaque following the steps below:
    • Starting with Pikachu, I rolled my black fondant into thin threads and created a border as dictated by my printout.
    • Next came the eyes (Note: The pupils should be facing down on the transparency!), nose and mouth.
    • Similarly working through all the features, the last thing left was the yellow fondant part.
    • Rolling out my yellow fondant into a fairly thin circle, I placed it gently on my fondant pieces. Before placing, I ensured my border, eyes, nose are placed in their right places above the printout
    • Once the yellow fondant was placed on top, I rolled over it again at most twice – just enough to allow my fondant pieces to stick to the yellow background.
    • Finally, it was the moment of truth – rolling out a cling film, I upturned my transparency sheet onto the film and gently peeled off the transparency to reveal my pikachu lying innocently below
  7. For text, ensure your font is thick enough to allow you make the text as a fondant outline. And the text  is rotated 180 deg. for its mirror image. The backside of all your fondants will look something like this until you peel it off.
    Please disregard the text direction in the photo above. I had forgotten to flip the text in my first go. 😦
  8. My final set of pokemon 2-D faces were ready:

    Fondant Pokemon Faces

**Quick MS Word trick to make your picture outlines bolder:


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