Out-of-Syllabus Travel

Coming from a family which was consistently bitten by the annual Indian middle-class travel bug, I was always familiar with vacations and travel. This travel used to be well planned, carefully budgeted with an aim to see as much as possible anywhere we went. Somewhere the now-hip FOMO was ingrained and intense care was taken to ensure each place visited was entirely checked out (previously hash-tagged as ‘paisa vasool travelling’). This habit endured an almighty crash during a recent work travel.

Despite all life-lessons I had growing up – “What to do when travelling for work?” still feels a little out-of-syllabus. Suddenly you find yourself in a foreign land all alone (or worse – with work people you just know politely) miles away from home. And you realize there is yet another part of the world to see.

Before this turns into a privileged whining, let me elaborate the whole scene:

  1. You land jet lagged on a Sunday. There is IMMENSE work throughout the week, the inbuilt pressure of ‘checking-out-a-new-place’ over the weekend while knowing there is yet another hectic work week ahead of you. Aaaaaah!
  2. Similarly,  on all non-travelling home weekends – as much as I love my crazy people-filled family with its unique characters, the ‘me-time’ which was originally taken for granted has seriously dwindled back home. <HASHTAG-BEING-ADULT>
  3. Finally, since I crossed 30 – I have started taking a stock of life ambitions. If at 25 – I wanted to learn the guitar and the keyboard and ballet and hip-hop, now I am settling for keyboard and ballet. And losing 100 pounds while I am at it. <HASHTAG-FEELING-OLD>

So now, if there is a rare weekend away from home when there is no work and a comfy hotel room – the temptation to stay in with a good book or some movies is too much to handle.

A weekend of staying in the hotel in a slightly rainy weather with enough time to float in the swimming pool staring aimlessly at the sky, finish 2 back-to-back suspense novels and 2 marathon movies with absolutely no interruptions – the ingrained HASHTAG-F-O-M-O lies diminished in the corner of my ambitions closet

Another 2 weeks of work + weekend work later, I return back peaceful and ready for some people again.

20170513_120309Or maybe I will just stay-in with my equally F-O-M-O-less husband and catch the new season of Sarabhai!


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