This post is coming very late in the day, but April 2017 bought forth the discovery of a brilliant Indian specialty store completely dedicated to arts and crafts (already appreciated during my previous post). One of the few places in the city where you are allowed to get lost in your own world – it was like discovering Crossword all over again!

With their Mumbai store located at phoenix market city (hashtag-kurla-rocks-now-that-I-live-close by) – I ended up discovering a whole new world within the DIY heaven..

One such new discovery is Chalk Paint! An elder brother to acrylic paint, it goes on all mediums and the finish is wonderful! Suddenly each furniture piece in my house is being eyed in greed by me wondering which color can I paint it with.

Nevertheless, starting with very safe disposable item – below is my very first attempt at using chalk paint

This HAD to Go!

Paper Holder – for those households which still get Newspapers.
The sensible plastic bag which acted as a combined holder for our morning milk and the morning paper HAD TO GO. Especially after a few attempts by our paper-walla to stuff the thick roll of glossy advertisements through the tiny gaps of that decorative grill

  • A simple cardboard box was cut and folded to suit my  desired shape
  • This was followed by a simple collage of white printed news articles to give it a light base
  • A whitewash of acrylic paint followed
  • Then came the brilliant chalk paint. To give an effect of bricks, I tied small strings all around my box for the brick lines and then colored my box with the chalk paints. The strings were cut after the chalk paint had dried off


  • Personally, I think I overdid the ‘distressed’ look. However, after a few more touches, here goes the final result:





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