Baking the Pokemon. 

‘Grown ups drink their coffee, do their grown up things.. But kids?! Kids listen!’    – Phoebe Buffey This was my first cake for an actual kid.. to be cut for a kiddie birthday party.. and it was a fairly intimidating task! This road to completion for this cake was especially exhausting. It was just […]


Simple way to make 2-D Fondant Characters

Fondant cake toppers are beautiful to look at and more importantly can be made ahead of time, so you always have some room for creativity. This is a basic method which worked really well for me using the simplest of tools: What you need: Rolled fondant – I prefer marshmallow or store-bought* Gel Colors –…

Fairy tales & Cheese cakes

One of reasons I love the Harry Potter ‘literature’ is because of the amount of appreciation it bestows on ‘Death’. Despite being everyone’s inevitable conclusion, it is the ‘When?’s and the ‘How?’s which make ‘Death’ such an intimidating, overwhelming and somewhat of a dark force. And then we have gems like Harry Potter (books- not movies) or Piku which provide…